Where will your road lead you?

Where will your road lead you? 

If you are like me, my road is always bumpy.  Sometimes it looks like it will be smooth sailing, that is until we go around that next bend and then it’s… LOOK OUT!  Sometimes the road is just irritatingly bumpy.  It might have pot holes that don’t seem like much but, in fact, are really annoying little boogers. Sometimes the road seems like you’re climbing a mountain that has no end.  The good thing…it eventually it can smooth out so you can enjoy the next little while OR it can lead towards a winding road that is so curvy you have to take it painstakingly SLOW, OR a huge drop in altitude that feels like you’re falling and don’t know when it’s going to stop OR even better still..a road like the one I remember behind my maternal grandparents property when I growing up where you’d go up one hill that wasn’t huge but it wasn’t even close to being small and when you got to the top just as you were ready to go back down, you’d get a glimpse of the view ahead and realized there were so many of these “little hills” over the next several miles, it was going an interesting ride.

No matter what type of road you are currently on, everyone takes a ride on at least one of the examples above one or more times in our lives.  Where is your road leading you right now?  Is it a ride that you need to get off?  How do you do that?  How do you know when you need that ride to change?  How do yo know when you can get off that road or whether the road will change for or in spite of you?  Are  you content with your ride?

If you are one of the ones that are currently content with your ride, congratulations!  Enjoy every minute of it.  If you are one of those that are not, I only have one question for you… What are you going to do about it?

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