Where am I at today?

I have been thinking about my life the last three months.  It has been a whirlwind of activity.

I started my first accredited class for my Educational Technology Endorsement in January along with three other state courses (4-6 weeks each) that would also count towards the endorsement.  Wow, I really landed myself into a little bit of stress!  January through March is a busy time for a middle school choir teacher.

January is where recruiting and auditions begin.  We start with the elementary schools that feed into our school.  We then perform two more times for our 6th grade orientations (Feb/Mar) since our elementary schools are on a year-round schedule.  Finally, I get to audition my current students and those who didn’t take my class this year, for one crazy reason or another, to see if they will be in my Intermediate or Advanced choir for next year.  All of this has to be finished by the end of February while still preparing for District Solo & Ensemble (early Feb), our Combined Festival Concert with Elk Ridge Middle School and Bingham High School (end of Feb), and our District Choir Festival (Mar) that I was in charge of

I didn’t think I could accomplish it all.  Yet, I did.

Somehow I kept up on my classwork. I fed my kids each night and had some really good laughs while reading or watching tv together. I worked and shared my new ideas and understandings with my students.  I even asked them their opinion! WOW!!! And had my gall bladder out during emergency surgery at the beginning of March!

Last week, I started two new classes.  One required me to get a Twitter, which I thankfully had already done! One said to start or restart blog.  HERE I AM!  I have spent my Spring Break getting this blog up and running, added a Facebook page where I almost didn’t have the nerve to ask friends and family to look at my work.  But I did it!  I can’t believe how far I have come.

Next week is our last class.  During the semester, we had to create a portfolio that showcased the work we have done, the reflections we have written and even shown a little creativity.   I have attached a link although realize it’s really simple and almost rudimentary especially compared to what I have done this week.

The semester’s almost over.  The time has flown.  All that’s left is to present my portfolio and enjoy the evening.

I still have yet to finish out the school on a HUGE bang of a concert on MAY 18th.  I refuse to count down to the end of the school year, but I can’t help counting down to our concert. I will post how it goes.  My stage crew and all of my classes are excited with the music selected, the ideas we have discussed for entertainment factors, etc.  I can wait to see what happens next…it all begins again this Summer with another accredited class and a lot of state courses.


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