Sight Singing

I use S Cubed by Mr. D in the Middle, with my first year students (7th graders) and I love it!  I started using it last year and progress was good while I was learning the program.  We had some hiccups in the technology as it was not always reliable.  Let me explain… I have a fairly traditional-looking choir room  in which to work with the students.  I can easily move the baby grand around, within a specific space, to facilitate listening to the students while I am at the piano.  However, technology is in the form of projector and screen that is not placed in a way that does not make it easy for my students to see.  If you are on my right, while I am facing you, then you can’t see the screen because it’s close and at a side angle.  If you are on my left, then you can’t see the screen because it’s too far away and get’s fuzzier as the distance gets larger.  If you are in the middle, you might be able to see but you might not.:) This is because even if it’s not to close or too far, the image may or may not be clear…the computer with the information on it may not be completely talking to the projector through Apple Tv and so it’s not displaying everything as it is on the computer screen.

The fix?  Put the info (sight singing examples) that have been projected in book form for each student.  Thankfully, this was easy since someone had already put all of the examples into a pdf file I purchased for a reasonable amount through Teachers Pay Teachers. I like this for a couple of reasons.  The students don’t have to try to “see” things that may or may not be there. The students can see where they are headed…how advanced they will become through daily practice, but they also see where they have been…where they started from.  I love this part because now that my students are a good way through program this year, they think it’s easy and when I ask them to look back, they say:

“WOW, I thought that was so hard when you first showed it to us!”  

“I used to think this was going to be so difficult!

This program has made it extremely easy for my students to be confident on daily practice and our District testing.  It’s easy for me to see who is “getting it” and who needs my help.  If you are interested in acquiring S-Cubed for your choir room, go to Teachers Pay Teachers and look up Mr. D in the Middle.  He’s got everything you could ask for!

I have looked at many different programs to teach Sight Singing but this is my ultimate favorite!

I would also check out the following link to NAFME regarding an article on how to use a Word Wall with Sight Singing.  I am going to be trying this idea with my Intermediate and Advanced Groups as well as my after school Jazz/Show Choir,  as I really like this idea.