Yearly School Talent Show

Today was our yearly student talent show.  

Last year, I was on the committee that auditioned the students and selected the acts to perform at the assembly. It was an interesting experience as it was my first year teaching choir and the first year at my school.  I had spent the entire year getting to know my students and working with them on some basic skills I felt were the most important for our first year together.

But as the talent show auditions approached, I became increasingly frustrated.  Since I was on the committee, I was required to be at the auditions. This meant I couldn’t help my students prepare their pieces for the audition.  I had a number of students, both inside and outside of my class, ask me for help and I had to turn them away.  I felt awful.  The day of the auditions was fun and enjoyable.  However, I kept wishing I could have been a resource for many that auditioned.

Since becoming the Advisor to our school Stage Crew, I wasn’t put on the talent show committee.  It was bittersweet.  I know I had hoped I could be of help to students but I kind of missed being a part of the whole process.

This year, students could ask for my help and get it.  Anyone that came in, I listened to their thoughts, their performances and gave suggestions that would help them.  Unfortunately, they also kept coming to me with logistical questions I couldn’t answer because I wasn’t on the committee anymore. Thankfully, all I had to do what send them to the teacher that was over it.

Although I’ve seen the show from both sides of being an auditioner and coordinator vs being a teacher giving assistance and scheduling stage crew, I’m not sure which one I truly like best.  In some ways I would like to do both but I know that’s completely insane and I wouldn’t be able to help my students prepare.  I think I’m willing to give up much but I wouldn’t trade being there for any student that wants my help.

The really cool thing?  Last year, I had two students from my choirs make it into the talent show.  One played the piano and sang.  The other played the piano so I don’t know if I can really count this one as it wasn’t voice.

This year, I had three singers! I even had one that was in my choirs but she played her cello with a group from her orchestra class.  I was especially pleased that they did so well.  One of the students acts very large in personality but I’ve gotten to know that student really well and can see the insecurities that others can’t see.  That student got up in front of the school and performed a piece that wasn’t easy.  Our school population is quite large in comparison to our building and so we have to do three assemblies so that all of our students can see the show.  Imagine being a student that is clearly prepared but has struggled in such a way they aren’t sure how they will be received.  Imagine knowing you did your best and you made a success of your situation. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future for that student and all the others that strive for excellence.

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