Getting Organization…Discovering Bullet Journals

Getting Organized!

What are some ways to get organized?  I’ve tried many and I usually end up buying a calendar from a dollar store or a planner or something similar. However, these options usually are discarded quite quickly.

I knew I had to make sure I was organized this summer as  I have a lot going on!

I am continuing my Educational Technology Endorsement and so I am taking one semester class and five UEN courses so I can leave my Fall Semester with only one more semester class to finish the endorsement.

Although…since adding teaching theatre to my schedule in the fall, I need to start preparing for the eventuality of needing to get that endorsement as well. That means, I need to take some more classes! So…I have signed up for two classes that will be taught at the Utah Shakespearean Festival.  I have also sent off my registration for two summer classes at BYU.  In addition, I just found out there is a theatre conference.  I am hoping to attend that as well.

What does this mean?  Well, hopefully you can see why organization might be pretty important to me at this point.

What I do about it?

At first, I wasn’t sure.  I guess I could try another planner, a digital planner, etc.  But I really didn’t want to.  Then I came across an idea on a Facebook group I am a member of.

It mentioned Bullet Journals.  What the heck is that?

I decided to look into it.  There were lots of possibilities and lots of blogs to look at.  I chose to only look at a few…the Bullet Journals specifically mentioning how to organize the journal for students or teachers.  Below are a few I looked at:

Little Coffer Fox 

Productive and Pretty 

Hannah Emily Lane 

The Lazy Genius 

After looking into the concept of a Bullet Journal, I really thought I would like it.  I didn’t have to think or plan a year in advance.  I didn’t have to fill all of the pages with numerous ideas or scheduled pieces of information.  I just had to start.  It was pretty simply

  1.  Decide what type of journal you want.   Make sure your book has page numbers.  You can either buy one that has them already there or you can write them in as you go.

  2. Decide what you want to use to write with.  Some people like only black, some blue, some put a ton of color.  Whatever you want works just fine.

  1. Follow the guidelines as to what pages you really need:

a. Index: This is like a table of contents so you don’t have to worry about where things go or if they are even in a specific order because you can just go to the index.  It’s awesome!

b. Future Log:  This is a place where you can write down plans for the future.  You can also use it to mark birthdays, events, ideas, etc. Whatever you want. I chose to have a section for the future log where I put ideas down or things I needed to remember that were far off in the distance.  But I also put a calendar in there so I could track school dates I needed to worry about as a teacher and mother.

c. Weekly Log: This is where you add tasks, events, ideas, etc that you want to do each day or each week.  You put a strike through if you are done or you can “migrate” the item to another day or week.  I love the simplicity of it.

That’s it.  That’s all that’s required.  Anything else you choose to add is totally up to you and your imagination.  Trust me…if you don’t have one, check out those websites above and you will get more than plenty of ideas.

It’s only been a couple of days of using the Bullet Journal but I really like it.  I almost can’t put it down.  I added a couple of colors just so my mind didn’t gloss over what I have written but I definitely didn’t go as colorful as some have.

What do I like the most about the Bullet Journal?  I like the flexibility.  I like the fact that I don’t have to do anything special.  It can be just a reflection of who I am and what I need.  I can add notes, color, doodles…whatever I want and whatever I need at that time.

I can’t wait to use it during my first class next week:)


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