Letting go of the past and moving forward

Yesterday, I wrote about Patience.

Today, I write about what can happen when you let go of the past and move forward.

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The first thing that probably came into your mind when I made that statement is the song from Frozen sung by Idina Menzel.  I know, I know…me too.


In order to let go, you must have made a decision.  If you aren’t sure how to do that, go to my blog about Confusion so you know what you need to do before you can get to this stage of letting go.

So…you’re decision has been made.  You wanted to know what came next so you read the blog post from yesterday about Patience and now you want to let it go.

What do you do?

I can tell you what I did then you have to determine what is going to work for you.

Before I do that, I want to remind you of the movie Frozen.  If you remember (spoiler alert!) Elsa had these powers she couldn’t control.  She was so frightened of them, she withheld them and thereby withheld herself from everyone she knew and loved.  However, the power kept growing within her despite her efforts to control them until her emotions thrust the whole issue into the public.  So she runs away.  In the middle of the movie,  Elsa is able to control the powers when she lets go of her fears and anxiety about her powers and just breathes. It is then that she realizes what she is capable of.  However, it still wasn’t enough.  Even though she figures out what she can do and create, she is still afraid.  She is still bent on living alone. Her fear of hurting someone she loves prevents her from sharing her gift.

Each of us have some gift that we hide from others in fear of something.  The unknown response or path can paralyze us.  We have made a decision to change, to move, to go forward, whatever it is we are still being held captive until we realize there is a reason we have been given this gift.  Until we realize that gift is not meant for us but to help others.

When we see that we have the potential to share our gift with people who need it, we can feel free.  We can let go.  Then we can move forward.  Then the unknown isn’t so scary.

Today, I remembered why I made the decisions I have made recently.  I remembered how I felt.  I remember thinking…THAT’S WHY I HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY! Today, I remembered to let go of the fear.  To not worry about the how I was going to get there but letting it just happen.

And you know what?

A really great friend provided an opportunity for me.  I get to make one more step closer to my goal.  What a wonderful day!

As things continue to move forward, I will keep you posted.

And…someday, I will share what my decision was and where it lands me. Until then, keep your chin up, gain some patience and learn to Let it Go!

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