Makerspaces…Makey Makey

Today was my first day in the Makerspaces class I am taking for my Educational Technology Endorsement.

If you want to know more about Makerspaces check out the link…

I liked how we went through No, Low and Hi Tech options today.  I also like how I was able to see where I could use these options in both my choir classes and my new theatre classes.  The possibilities are endless with a lot of imagination.

My favorite from today was Makey Makey.  

I was first introduced to Makey Makey at the UMEA conference a year ago. The presenter was a professor from the local state college.  He showed us what he did with the setup.  It was really cool!

I immediately wanted to have access to this equipment.  I looked up the videos that were recommended and even talked to my principal to get him excited. However, I completely forgot to add it to my Needs/Wants/Wishes List at the end of the school year!

Fast forward to today…I got to play with them! There is a bit of a learning curve but I really could see using them in my specific content area.  My group was, amazingly enough, all from my school and they got to see my excitement!  I’m hoping it was infectious:) One of the teachers was a 7th grade science teacher and we worked together to create different small projects using the Makey Makey board.  The only downfall was the amount of time we were given to play with the setup…only 15 minutes.  So not enough time!

We can only hope I get the set I requested on my Needs/Wants/Wishes list so I can convince that teacher and maybe others to work with me to create more things!  I think integration using Makey Makey would be a really addition to our school culture.  The  exciting thing for me would be getting a lot of teachers from other content areas to understand how we can integrate and work together using this and other tools.  Let’s hope for the best.


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