Four School Days and Counting

Today marked 4 school days until our concert.

It always amazes me that no matter how many times I mention the details like the date, the time, etc. when we get to this point, shock is all I see:)

It’s as though REALITY hit them HARD.  We go over the when and where of our concerts weeks and sometimes months before the event, even if only once or twice each week for first while. However, until that ONE WEEK mark comes, the reality of needing to be prepared doesn’t fully translate.

That’s why I love it when we get to this point!

The good thing about that quick reminder is that students want to get to work right away.  And that’s a good thing…it means they are more engaged, it means more will get accomplished, it means students will remember their choreography easier, and it means the short amount of time we have on Fridays (30 minute classes) is well spent.  

Students that have given their all at every rehearsal feel pretty confident about where they are in the process.

Students that might not have given their all now realize they can’t afford not to and still be prepared as well as be part of the team.

The rare student that hasn’t given any effort now feels separate from the team and flounders until they have figured out the routine.

It’s harder on that rare student than any other.

My favorite part?

All of us, but especially the students, rally around that individual and help them out because they understand that the reason for the lack of effort tends to stem from insecurity, worry and even frustration not belligerence or defiance.

They create what is essentially a SUPPORT CIRCLE.

What is a support circle? Well, I pretty described it above.

But let me give you another example.

In one of my choirs, we have a student who is very sick.  We don’t truly know what’s going on but the choir itself is so connected and like a true team that the students miss that student tremendously.

So they decided to do something.  One of the students creates some large posters that said WE MISS YOU! to show how much they miss that student. Then they took a photo with the whole class holding the posters.  The student that made the posters will be sharing the photos with the individual that is now studying at home.

The student will more than likely miss our concert although I know the effort is being made to at least attend.  But a support circle has been created nonetheless. Aren’t students awesome when they realize their great power?

4 School days and counting.

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