Finals…are they really necessary?


Why do we have finals? 

Traditionally, a final is given to students as a way to “Show what they know”. Basically, you give a huge test that is usually multiple choice as a way to get students to show their understanding.

When I think of multiple choice tests, especially those used for finals, I think of the concept of memorization and as I put it…regurgitation.  None of which actually shows knowledge of the concepts supposedly learned but rather how well a student can memorize and recall the information.  I personally despise this kind of testing but I realize that since it is one of the easiest forms of testing to create, it is used more often than others.  I would prefer a test that is applicable to the content taught and adheres to the abilities of the students.

This is especially true in the arts.  In choir, we have already had our real final…aka…the concert.  This was truly the final and it was almost two weeks ago.  The process used in getting the students to that final is what is tested. But the students show what they learned in a live performance that is authentic and I think, should count as their final.

So, what do you do when your school mandates a final as a way to encourage attendance during the last week of school?

I did it this way…

Being that I am currently working on my Technology Endorsement, I wanted to incorporate something that would fit both worlds..the world of technology and the world of music.  I am really lucky that one of my student’s mother is in the technology class with me and was willing to help me out.

She showed me this really cool website that allows you to create your own or modify someone else’s Digital Breakout.   Currently the site is only working in Beta form but is extremely easy to use and the should you have an issue as I did today, you get a quick response time.

What is a Breakout?  What about a Digital Breakout?

Check out the links I provided under Breakout and Digital Breakout for more details but basically,

A Breakout is:

The Breakout EDU kit allows for the facilitation of games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box. Games are available for all ages and content areas.

and a Digital Breakout is:

Welcome to Breakout EDU Digital. The same game principles from the main Games page apply to these games, but there is no physical component other than an Internet connected device (preferably a laptop/Chromebook/desktop computer.)

The website I used for mine is  Again, this site is in Beta form but I chose it because I felt it was easier for me for this particular final.  The Digital Breakout from above it perfectly wonderful and I even got a chance to use it during one of our technology classes.  I do have to say that my team got finished first:)

For my class Breakout, I didn’t want just another process of memorization being use.  So, I was really grateful that for my first effort, I found a template that I could use as is.  It fit my purposes, in that my students would have to work together (skills used daily in choir), they would do cross-curricular activities (tasks that are often found in choir, sometimes unbeknownst to the students though), and they would be watching/listening/reading music (Wow! another skill taught in choir).

Most of the students have liked the final so far. (our classes are not very long so it will take two days to give them processing time and time to deal with typical technological challenges we face on a regular basis) Although a few have stressed themselves out a bit because it is something new and out of the ordinary.

What blew me away? I even had two or three ask why we weren’t just having a traditional final!  I stared at them in a look that probably resembled the scream mask.  I asked them if they really believed they would prefer a huge number of questions over something they could do together.

Their response?

It’s what they knew.

Oh…the horror!  The shame.

It proved to me once again that often in education all we are doing is asking kids to memorize and regurgitate.  How does that help them prepare for their future?

Sure, the breakout was new.

Sure, it was stressful because the answers weren’t easily found.

You had to look for the clues imbedded in the structure of the site.  You had to work together.

I think at the end of tomorrow, the students will have suggestions for how to make it better.  They may even want to create one for next year’s groups or at least have a say in the musical subject matter.  I have no idea.  We will see.

All I can say is that sure we’ve had problems but overall I think it’s a success.

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. . .

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