Empowerment…the key to understanding

Today, I took another day off.  No…another window didn’t break.

Unfortunately, it was stress of another kind.

At first, I didn’t want to take time off.

After all, we have a concert next week!

Although the majority of the choreography has been taught and just needs the refinement, I still didn’t want to stay home.

So I waited.  

And waited.

And waited.  

Finally, I realized I wasn’t going to be any good to my students with the frame of mind I was in and it didn’t look like it was going to get any better.  The stress I was experiencing was building because I was trying to figure out how to go teach 30 minutes away from my home and still be at home when the window guy was going to be there, coupled with the added stress of a family situation that seemed to be constantly compounding was too much to handle.

Yet, I didn’t see as though anything would come of me staying home.

Boy was I wrong. 

I got some very needed rest.  It took quite a while for me to get to sleep last night but I finally slept soundly.  I still woke up at the same time but I was able to read for a bit, talk to my children and get in a quick nap.

I was able to work side by side with my daughter going through different rooms to see what items we could get rid of this Saturday.

When we were beginning to wane.  I took a quick break and sat down at my computer for a moment.

A neighbor had messaged me asking if I needed any help.

I don’t know about you but I am TERRIBLE at letting others help me! But it truly humbling to have someone know you need help without being asked.

I was raised to be self-sufficient even if I didn’t feel like it.

This time, something within me told me to take the help.

WOW!  What a powerhouse my friend is.  She helped us so much.  I was able to go through things quietly making correct decisions while she packed items that had already been decided upon.  It was simply amazing.  We got through almost three rooms in less than two hours!  I told you she was a powerhouse!

What’s the point of this?

The point for me was…I was schooled today on empowerment.  

As a teacher, I work in my mind constantly trying to come up with additional ways to help my students become empowered.  I teach and release responsibility so they can “show what they know” in their own way, in their own time.

Today, my friend taught me what it was to help someone in a way that truly empowered another.

Today, I feel stronger, more confident, more motivated and I feel as though I could help someone else in the same way thus proving what I learned today.

I can only hope I use what I learned today, effectively in my classroom.  I know my students would gain so much from the experience.

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