Why Decisions often take us on New Adventures

Why Decisions often take us on New Adventures

If you have read the post titled Confusion you know that I recently had to make a very important decision.  One that was to affect where I worked, where I lived and where my children went to school.

My children and I looked at the pros and cons and all of the many details that would be involved and together we made a decision.  We were moving.  We were going to start a new journey in another place, in another state.  We moved forward with this decision.  I was going to take my dream job.

If you read my post called “How do we finish strong?” you might have noticed the comment about re-evaluating a recent decision especially since I also mentioned being overwhelmed because of it.  Well, that was this decision.  I didn’t want to rethink or reevaluate this decision.  I knew we had made the right decision for us.

However, there were things I didn’t know that would very quickly force me to rethink everything.  

So, my children and I had to process all over again.  We made a new decision.  I tried to avoid thinking about that decision.  I knew what had to be done and I knew I didn’t want to do it.  I was frustrated to the point of being cranky anytime the subject came up.

Eventually, I had to face it.  It hasn’t been easy.  Yet I knew there was a time-table that made it so I didn’t have a lot of time.

Over a very short week, I took one step at a time towards that new decision. Yesterday, I made the final step.  Instead of opening the door to a new place, new job and new adventures I understood, I am opening a door that is both familiar and somewhat unknown.

I am not moving.  I am not taking that dream job.

I AM staying where I am at.  I AM teaching in the same school as I have the past two years.  I AM still teaching choir.

I WILL be adding Beginning and Intermediate Theater classes to my schedule.

Yes…you heard me correctly.  I am now a theater teacher.

What does this mean for me?  I am stepping out of my comfort zone!  As an opera singer, of course I sing and act, but it is a lot different from teaching acting.  This is not the adventure I expected.

Things have moved quickly in just one day.  I have signed up for Tech for Directors and Secondary Methods classes to be taught at the Utah Shakespearean Festival in July.  I am about to sign up for a week-long comprehensive Acting and Theater Production classes to be taught at BYU in August.  I also just found out I have a meeting with other theater teachers in my district tomorrow.

I never thought my life would take this direction.  I mean, I have directed a couple of musicals–one at my current school where I co-directed it and one for my church that I wrote, I have been in a few operas and even some musicals but I never thought it would come to this…me teaching theater.

My mind has already started forming thoughts as to what lessons I could do.  I have been lucky enough to be friends with the outgoing theater teacher who left me all of her stuff as a way to help me this summer to prepare.

But I know that there is much to come and much learning that will be needed…both in me and in my students.  I will also be fully responsible for our school musical, which is another overwhelming thought but I know now that my friend was right.  I have all the support I need…other theater teachers, other teachers at my school, my current students that were thrilled to hear I would be teaching both classes and the parents that have been so helpful and supportive for the past two years.

New adventures don’t always take the form you expect them to.  Where will yours take you?


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