Choreographed Progress

Today, most of the choir classes got at least half of a song choreographed.  Some even got all the way through to the end of the song. YAHOO!  Such progress! I am so please that the students are grasping onto the concept of choreography and performance in this way.  The students are beginning to really let go and make it happen.  I can’t even tell you how exciting this is.

What even excites me even more is how open they are to possibilities and how willing they are to make suggestions.  Sometimes I have to tell them their suggestions won’t work or don’t fit the piece. But a lot of times I can use the idea or modify it slightly to make it work.  Another student choice day…what a wonderful thing.

Tomorrow marks three weeks until our final concert for the school year.  If the students keep working as hard as they are, they will be so ready and polished for the performance that it will be a joy to all who witness it.  I am so grateful for their perseverance, tenacity and willingness to do what needs to be done.

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