Wonderful news to wake up to!

When I woke up today, I did one of the things I do most days…I checked my email.  There I discovered a wonderful bit of news I have been waiting for since March 17th…I got an email telling me that my Praxis PLT scores were waiting for me.  I even shared it via Twitter and Facebook.  That’s how excited I was!

Why is this important?  Well, those of you that teach in states that require this test, you already know.  For the rest of you, it’s a test that gauges your application understanding of philosophical theorists that are considered the people all teachers should know about and how to apply their concepts in order to be effective teachers.

You may be still asking why it’s so important.  In Utah a new teacher must have had a mentor each year, organize and monitor a portfolio showcasing their lessons and student work, be considered Highly Qualified, have passed this crazy PLT test along with a new background check and have taken a 2 hr Suicide Prevention class all before the end of their year of teaching before they can upgrade their license to a Level 2.  If they fail to do this before the end of the third year, they can lose their job if they can’t qualify for an extension.  I have been diligently taking care of everything I could over the last almost three years except the PLT test and the background (couldn’t start that one until the spring of this year).

I took the PLT on March 17th and have been waiting for what seems like an enormous amount of time for the scores to post.  They were supposed to be posted yesterday in the EVENING of EASTERN TIME.  Wow, that was descriptive!  I was beginning to worry I had messed up the test or something. But this morning, I woke to the email posted at 12:02am my time (around 2am for them) which made me ALMOST chuckle for a minute. At least they came.

Most tests today are completely multiple choice and so the score pops up on the screen at the end of your session.  Unfortunately, the PLT contains FOUR constructive response questions.  Due to those FOUR different questions, I had to wait until someone reviewed the questions, which means almost an entire month of waiting.  UGH!

I have been rather blessed in that tests are usually not a problem for me.  ACT was fine.  When I took the Elementary Praxis was fine.  When I took the Music Praxis, I unfortunately, missed it by TWO POINTS! That is a lot harder.  I even looked up info about the test and found that nationwide this test usually takes most people two or even three times to pass although I did notice a number of people who couldn’t pass it even on their seventh or eighth try.  I really felt for them.  So I admit that after having been away from Westminster College for three years, I was a little worried.  I knew that the professors at Westminster had really prepared us with the knowledge we needed to pass any test, but knowing that the information was in your head and having it translate to a test under that kind of pressure was, needless to say, a little disconcerting.  So I did what I could to review the material and I just went for it.

Fast forward to today…I got my background clearance yesterday after having my fingerprints done this past Monday…oh, the irony, and I got my passing scores.  When I return to school Monday, I will get the last paperwork done so I can pay another fee to upgrade my license.  But that stress is over.  WOOT! WOOT!