YouTube in the Choir Room, Part 1

I used YouTube in my class many times before as I’m sure many educators do. I’ve used it to demonstrate good performances versus not such good performances.  I’ve used it to model the vocal folds, breathing apparatus, etc for my vocal production units.  I’ve used it to show fun, random things occasionally.  Today, in on my technology classes, I thought of how to do this in a better way.

Although I’ve used YouTube and by virtue of YouTube being owned by Google, I have a channel.  However, not much more than that…until today.  One of our assignments was to create a channel that was separate from our personal one just in case we wanted to use it for our classroom.  I liked this opportunity because I could still have my personal items for me and maybe my own children but my students didn’t have to wallow through my searches and likes, etc.  My favorite part was where I could have YouTube restrict the videos by just selecting the Restricted Mode (at the bottom of your channel page).  This is extremely helpful since the school district (like most) have strict guidelines as to what we can show our students.  This is just one more feature that can me filter the comments (that we all know are not always kind or appropriate for our students’ ears) and it helps a bit with the videos too.  It’s not perfect so I know I will still need to do my job by previewing what I add to the channel.

Next we added a playlist.  I hadn’t done that one before so I found it really enlightening. I could allow the playlist to be private, unlisted or public. Currently, my playlists are private.  I felt this was a good thing for now because I can create the list with my students in mind but not allow them to have access until I have completed what I want them to see or even when I want them to see it.  So far, I have created two playlists.  One, is from the guy that created S Cubed Sightsinging…Dale Duncan.  I have linked his blog and product info on my Sightsinging Page so check that out. Two, is for videos I can use as performance examples.  I have been choosing the songs we are currently working on so I think this will be quite relevant.  What I like about this is the fact that once I make the list public, I can a link to my students through our Google Classroom site so they can review what we learned in class without having to find the correct video themselves.

My next assignment is to create a 5 minute video I would use in my classroom and post it to my channel.  I haven’t thought about what I would create yet so I have no idea what will be posted there.  I think I may talk it over with one or more of my classes and get their input.  Knowing my students, they will love to give their input and some will even want to help create it.  I will add a link when it finished though.  If you have suggestions of items you would like posted there, feel free to make a comment using the form below.