Mother’s Day Surprise

Mother’s Day Surprise.

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I have been a mother for a number of years now and have had very few surprises happen on Mother’s Day.  Yesterday, I received two.

First surprise?

My children put together a small basket of treats for me.  They bought them without help or input from me.  My children had saved some money for this purpose. They managed to keep me out of the loop and even presented it to me when I least expected it…Hence the surprise.  It completely sweet and unprecedented. They knew exactly what treats I liked and it made me feel completely and totally appreciated.

Second surprise?

Image result for remindI use the Remind app to communicate with my students and their parents. They get weekly reminders of upcoming due dates, activities or concerts. Both parents and students have been known to use it to ask questions of myself and even occasionally message their peers.  However, yesterday it was used in such a sweet manner that I don’t think I will ever forget it.

One of my 7th grade students decided to use the remind app to send me a message.  He said “Hi, Mrs. Hunter”. Then he send another one.  He said “Happy Mother’s Day”.  How often do you get that private message from a student?  He wasn’t out to show others what he had done and glorify his actions.  He just wanted to send a message that showed his appreciation.

I didn’t respond to his message.  Students know I don’t reply to messages on Sunday as I tell them it’s the one day I take off for myself and my children.

However, when I saw him going to our class today, I told him thank you.  He just smiled and said you’re welcome.

I can’t say that being a middle school teacher always brings a lot of monetary rewards or even a lot of thank you’s. But I am very grateful for those small heartfelt ones and will always cherish them.

I believe it is for those moments that keep us going.  They keep us pushing towards our own excellence which in turn helps us serve our students’ needs.