Where is The Good Side of Life?

I feel like this is a good quote for today.

I stayed home from teaching today to take care of the broken window that occurred yesterday evening.  Thankfully, I have an understanding school that supports me when things like this come up.  All I need to do is put in the information for a sub and let the head secretary know what’s happened.

While staying home, I knew I needed to do something.  My body needed the rest.  My allergies have been kicking up lately and so my body wears out a little faster, I wake up to a craggy throat so I did rest a little.  However, I couldn’t just wait around for the window people to call me back.  So my youngest daughter and I got to work.  We organized, we cleaned, we went through items to figure out what we wanted to keep and what we would get rid of.

It’s amazing what one accumulates over a number of years.

We piled a lot of things in the “to go” pile.  The especially nice thing? We kept much less than we put in that pile.  This weekend, all of those items will be put out at a yard sale.

We are simplifying our life.  It feels really wonderful to do this.

Partly, because I feel as thought the material things have started to weigh me down.  We don’t need everything we have, yet we still have the stuff. Partly, because each time I come home and want to rest after giving so much of myself teaching, I can’t truly rest when I feel there is so much to keep clean and organized.

I feel this purging, of sorts, is a huge blessing.  The items will hopefully go to people who need and want them and we will have the funds to take the next step.

Sometimes, we need to step back and take a long look at our lives to figure out what we need most in our lives. When we do this, I think it makes the quote above all that much easier to do.  It is then we can ‘see the good side’ of life. Well, at least enough to give us a bit of peace in a very crazy world.