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I saw these quotes today and I immediately thought about all of my students that have come to me asking for help or to sit somewhere else or other requests because of what someone else, usually a so-called “friend”, has said about them or to them.

Then I thought how do these apply to our upcoming performance?

So I wrote them on the board and let the students ponder them.

I asked them what they thought of them.

I asked them what they meant to them.

I asked them whether they believe them.

I asked them how the quotes could apply to our concert.

Let’s start with:

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Throughout the day, the students gave many answers and many perplexed looks until the concept was explained to them.  However, my favorite response was:  A student asked me…”Did you run out of one color of marker?” Now, at first I really he was pulling my leg. That was until I looked at his face.  He was dead serious.

I smiled, chuckled inside and said “Of course, I didn’t run out of marker.”  The other students explained to him what the quote meant to them.

“I think it means to be you by believing in yourself.

When asked how it applied to what we were doing to prepare for our concert, the responses were pretty much the same…”Well, you told us that to overcome our fears of performing choreography for the audience, we could pretend we were a character.  How does that help us if you now say be us and believe in ourselves?”

Before I could respond, another student spoke with almost exactly what I would have said.  “Even if you use the persona of a character to help you create the visual and be comfortable, you are still you inside. You can be confident knowing you know the dance, you can do it, and therefore will shine.”

Now, let’s look at the other one. 

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This one was a little harder for some of the students.  They are at an age where everything their peers say and do MATTERS.  It often dictates what they like/dislike and how they interact with other people.

I knew this one wasn’t going to be easy nor would we find a solution today.  My intent was to see if they could relate the quote to our performance even if they couldn’t truly relate it to their lives.

Most of the students really seem to grasp the concept of not letting the audience dictate what they did on stage. We talked about how any feedback they would get from an audience wouldn’t happen until after the performance. Therefore, they shouldn’t let what may or may not happen after the performance dictate how much effort they put into the performance.

It was really fun to see how hard they worked after that discussion.  More students that had experience fear or trepidation about the choreography really got into the act more.  Were they still hesitant?  Absolutely! This was not a quick fix.  This was only another step towards being more comfortable out of their comfort zone.

At the end of the day, much was accomplished. Which, of course, is good. However, the better thing was the understanding that was happening.

Even better?

A student asked if I would be putting up another quote tomorrow.

My response?


Her response.

A resounding “YEAH” (with fist pump included)

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