2 Days…Still much to do

2 Days…

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The concert is in 2 days. 

As always, there is still much to do.

Today was the second day in our school auditorium to get more comfortable with the practiced staging and the layout of the stage.

It was the first day each class got to practice their songs in the context of the entire concert. They got to hear the accompaniment of the other pieces so they knew what song came before they had to go to the stage to perform their number.

This concert is more elaborate than I have taken on in the past.  We add choreography to one concert every year.  However, this is the first concert in which I have altered the layout of the risers and added other props to help with visual aspect of the choreography.

We also added a slideshow behind the singers to add to the visual effect. The stage crew has been working on the slideshow for a number of weeks now despite only meeting two times each week.  So far, it looks really good! It still needs a little bit more work and so a few of the students are currently working on the Google Slides.

Today was the first day I got to work with my stage crew this week.  Our normal time had been removed because of testing.  We got a chance to help set up the stage after having moved it to accommodate another teacher.  We also got to put our brand new gels on the stage lights and work on the sound system.

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I love being the stage crew advisor! The students and I work completely in tandem.  Sometimes they know more and sometimes I do.  But no matter what we have had to work together to make everything mesh so well.  They worked so hard today doing what they have been trained to do! So well that the district media specialist that was fixing our hanging mics commented to me about how impressed he was that the students took ownership of the equipment. He talked about how they worked together, how they made decisions about which colors to put on which stage light and he even noticed the students had organized our equipment room so items could be stored correctly and easily found.  How awesome is that?

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love being a choir teacher just as much for similar reasons.  However, only 15 students are allowed to be on the stage crew each year.  That means they have to really know what they are doing, they have to be able to work well with others and they have to truly become a team that can rely on each other.

It also means I have to have my part ready for them.  I can’t just expect them to do it al by  themselves.  I had to prepare them.  I had to be willing to learn from others that knew more than I did.  Sometimes that meant the two amazing guys on the crew that had more experience with this newer equipment than I did.  That meant that I had to teach them the equipment they didn’t know.

Image result for tinkerThat also meant I had to be okay letting them “figure” things out.  Those two were willing to “tinker” with our equipment to learn all the nuances so we could see what the possibilities were.  They were always safe with the equipment and only used it in ways that they knew wouldn’t damage anything but it was truly amazing to see how they were able to do things the so-called “experts” at the district knew how to do.


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