Welcome to my Website!  Today, I begin a new journey as a blogger.  I think everyone knows how they feel when they begin any new journey.  For me, I am experiencing a number of emotions.  Trepidation, anticipation and excitement are just a few.

Trepidation, because there is always someone who knows more than I do and it makes me wonder what I can really share that you may not already know and yet I know that my life experiences only add to my educational experiences giving me the preparation I need to go forward.

Anticipation, because I believe the posts I will share will be of value to someone and that the comments made will be helpful to me and all of my readers. They will make me think, make me aware and may even change the way I view something but they will also do the same for my readers.

Excitement, because I can’t wait to truly get started.  I have spent much time trying to find adequate resources for my students to use when preparing pieces for Solo & Ensemble or just for one of my ‘wonderful’ assignments.  The limited resources out there that are actually usable and not full of junk or unhealthy practices are what made me think I could do or share something of value.  I can’t wait to share those “experts” I mentioned on my ABOUT ME page as well as my own understandings and musings.  So let’s get started!