Technology in the classroom/board room

Output or compliance?

“This is something that many people are struggling with in education and has nothing to do with age.  I have seen many younger educators bring pen and paper to a meeting while the veterans have access to technology. Whatever the case, we shouldn’t make assumptions about how other people learn because it looks different from us. Even if a person is doodling, that could be how some people process information.”

“I have been surprised how many leaders in education still ban devices from their staff during meetings or personal learning days, because they are worried what they might do or they are not paying attention.”

This is so true.  I have been many in meetings where the “RULE” is that NO ONE can be on technology of any kind simply because it’s viewed as wasteful or you aren’t paying attention to the speaker.  I am a major busy body that also happens to be a huge visual learner and therefore need to be doing something in order to even hear what people are TELLING me. Sometimes doodling works but more often than not, I can focus more if I am typing notes, or searching for something the speaker talked about or just staring at something on the screen.  If it’s that way with me, who knows how many of my students need something similar.  That’s why I allow my students to write down dates of concerts or even notes in whatever manner they need in order to remember it.

“Start from the learner, and move backward from there.”

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